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8 email signup strategies from a industry leader

These are my notes from a recent webinar on signup strategies.

Notes from a recent webinar on signup strategies from Sleeknote and Hello Retail. Watch the whole webinar here. These strategies and best practices is based on the entirety of Sleeknotes customers, and is therefore building upon an enormous amount of data (10.2 billion visitors according to their stats).

  • Using an image in a pop-up doubles the conversion rate
  • When using a time trigger to display a pop-up, 8 seconds is found to be the “golden” delay time
  • When using screen scrolling as a trigger, 38% is the sweet spot
  • Using a countdown timer in your pop-up is shown to increase conversion rates 4x
  • When it comes to number of input fields in a pop-up form (email, name, company etc), the conversion rates per input field is as follows:
Number of input fieldsConversion rate
  • Use a two-step pop-up to capture multiple fields from the user. For example, in step one you ask for only the email, and in step nr 2 you ask for name/gender/age etc. 76% of those who complete the first step completes the second step
  • An underused feature of Sleeknote is to make a trigger based on data layers in Google Tag Manager. You can for example make a pop-up trigger based on shopping cart value. They showed an example of an e-commerce store selling wine, doing a trigger split: When a user had items in their shopping cart and about to leave the site, an exit intent pop-up would trigger, that also considered the shopping cart value. For shopping carts with a value under X, the pop-up would read something like “finish your order and join our competition for a bottle of this nice wine.” For shopping carts with a value over X, the pop-up would read “finish your order now and get this bottle for free.”
  • Another feature that Sleeknote thought was underused was to set triggers based on opening hours. For example, in opening hours you could have a pop-up with “call us now on this number”, but outside the opening hours it could say “leave a message and we will contact you shortly”

Want to learn more? Sleeknote runs a very interesting blog, covering pretty much every aspect of creating successfull pop-up campaigns.

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