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How to: exclude admin preview traffic from Google Analytics

By default Google Analytics will track traffic generated by WordPress admins while previewing posts. This is how to remove admin preview traffic from Google Analytics.

  1. In Google Analytics, go to your admin panel
  2. In the third column (view), select “Filters”
  3. Choose “Add filter”
  4. Give it a name, for example “Exclude preview traffic”
  5. Choose “Custom” and “Request URI”
  6. Under Filter pattern, type in “preview = true”
  7. Click “verify”. In the left column, you should see that preview traffic is removed. Click save.

You can verify yourself by going to the Realtime section in Analytics. Open a new tab, go to your wordpress site and preview a post. This traffic should now not be visible in Realtime in Analytics.

Visual guide


Before making these changes, you should be able to observe it by opening a post in preview mode in WordPress, then going to the Realtime section in Analytics and observe it:

After the changes, this traffic should not be visible anymore.


How to get certified in Google Analytics

Looking to spice up your LinkedIn profile? Then, a Google Analytics certification may be a smart choice. It is free, relatively easy to do and relevant to a wide range of professions. Being certified takes a total of about 5 hours (4 hours of course videos and 1 hour exam). You obviously need basic to moderate knowledge about the functionality of Google Analytics. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click on “Google Analytics”
  3. Click “Google Analytics Individual Qualification” and follow the guidance

Then you can look through the course videos and finally take the exam. It results in a certificate that you can use on LinkedIn:

  1. Log into your profile on LinkedIn, and click “add profile section” beneath your profile photo
  2. Accomplishments -> Certifications
  3. Fill in the information from the certification you received

Thats it! With a few simple steps you now have a slightly more interesting CV.

Blog tips

Installere Google Analytics på WordPress

1. Gå inn på Trykk på “sign in” om du allerede har konto (du kan bruke gmailen din), eller “create account” om du er ny.

2. Når du har laget konto og logget inn, vil du se noe slik som bildet under. Trykk på “admin”



3. Finn “account” knappen og trykk på den.Velg deretter “create new account”.



4. I vinduet som spretter opp kommer spørsmålet “what would you like to track”. Velg “website”. På “select tracking methode”, velg “universal analytics”. Fyll inn all info du blir bedt om på det resterende. Trykk til slutt på “Get tracking ID”.

5. Kopier “tracking ID” koden som dukker opp, som ser omtrent slik ut:


ua kode

6. Logg inn på WordPress-siden din. Trykk på “Utvidelser” eller “Plugins” og “legg til ny” eller “add new”. Søk på “Google Analytics”. Let etter en utvidelse/plugin som heter “Google Analytics” og er laget av Kevin Sylvestre. Trykk på “installer nå”. Gå til slutt på innstillinger -> Google Analytics, og lim inn koden du fikk i punkt 5. Velg “Lagre endringer”, og du skal være good to go 🙂