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How to: exclude admin preview traffic from Google Analytics

Quick guide on how to remove unwanted preview traffic.

By default Google Analytics will track traffic generated by WordPress admins while previewing posts. This is how to remove admin preview traffic from Google Analytics.

  1. In Google Analytics, go to your admin panel
  2. In the third column (view), select “Filters”
  3. Choose “Add filter”
  4. Give it a name, for example “Exclude preview traffic”
  5. Choose “Custom” and “Request URI”
  6. Under Filter pattern, type in “preview = true”
  7. Click “verify”. In the left column, you should see that preview traffic is removed. Click save.

You can verify yourself by going to the Realtime section in Analytics. Open a new tab, go to your wordpress site and preview a post. This traffic should now not be visible in Realtime in Analytics.

Visual guide


Before making these changes, you should be able to observe it by opening a post in preview mode in WordPress, then going to the Realtime section in Analytics and observe it:

After the changes, this traffic should not be visible anymore.

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